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Dekko in a nutshell

Dekko eliminates leaks of your internal and customer communication and prevents spam and phishing attacks completely.

Dekko: True Business Software

Dekko understands how businesses operate and appreciates the critical necessity for secure information sharing in the modern day organisational environment. The Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) scheme in Australia and upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe mean that it is now more important that ever organisations adopt a strict attitude toward data privacy and make the most of tools like Dekko. Dekko is a straightforward, user-friendly cloud platform that provides businesses with security, privacy and peace of mind that their intellectual property is protected.

Practical in design, intuitive to use and simple to implement, Dekko operates as an adjunct to existing data storage and email systems and does not require IT knowledge or capability to use or implement.

Dekko can be accessed via the web, mobile applications, and Microsoft Outlook

Dekko Circles

Dekko has created a system allowing users to communicate privately and securely: Circles.

A Dekko Circle is an ‘invitation only’ group of trusted parties who need to communicate and share sensitive information privately. Circle members are only visible to each other, thus information cannot be forwarded outside the Circle. The system allows organisations to build ethical walls and protect their information flow.

Circles are easy to set up. A nominated administrator is responsible for managing the Circle, specifying how it will be structured and inviting participants.

Dekko Circles ensure trusted and secure communication between organisations and third parties

Secure Communication

  • End-to-end message, chat and document encryption
  • Backed by Microsoft Azure, but can be installed in-house or on other cloud platforms
  • Private access keys are owned and managed by businesses
  • Messages can be accessed from any device, anywhere
  • Notifies in real time that messages have been read
  • Allows searching through your data without decryption
  • Dekko has been built ‘from the ground up’ ensuring maximum security

Your secure information is accessible on all devices

Protection and Trust

  • Eliminates phishing, spam, ransomware and other cyber threats
  • Prevents information leakage
  • Safeguards against deliberate internal and external hacking
  • Ensure safe communication with unsecured third parties
  • Messages are always from a trusted source
  • Messages are not tampered with
  • Trusted users can assist with password recovery
  • Dekko is Australian owned and developed and hosted in the Netherlands

Dekko operates alongside current business systems and applications

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