Dekko Secure Selected to Join Microsoft BizSpark Plus

Dekko Secure, which provides complete security and privacy for email, chat and document storage for everyone, today announced it has been selected to join Microsoft BizSpark Plus, an exclusive program to support high-potential start-ups with increasing cloud services needs.

An early adopter of the new $120,000 BizSpark Plus offer, which launched in July, Dekko is able to access Microsoft Azure cloud services, ensuring it has the capacity to scale its business as quickly as needed. Microsoft will also provide Dekko access to other essential tools, such as Visual Studio and Office and offer training and support to accelerate cloud development and business growth. Additionally, Dekko will be able to access to Microsoft’s global network of enterprise customers through marketing and joint sales engagements.

The partner status supports Dekko’s vision to offer businesses an end-to-end security solution for email, real-time chat and document storage. Dekko uses multiple layers of encryption to enable the secure, private exchange of messages and information.

Eric Schwantler, General Manager, Dekko Secure, says there is already great synergy between the two companies.

“We built Dekko from the ground up to complement well-established and trusted business systems. It integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office to protect a business’ most important data and offers businesses a simple way to enjoy the maximum possible security, whether deployed as a cloud solution, for example, on Microsoft’s Azure platform, or installed on premise,” said Mr Schwantler.

Globally, Microsoft is partnering with 150 start-up accelerators in 47 countries to deploy the BizSpark Plus program.

Start-ups will continue to play a critical role in building a more innovative, diverse Australian economy, which is why we’re focused on providing the support they need most, particularly in the early stages. With cyberattacks growing more frequent and targeted, it is more important than ever for companies such as Dekko to succeed in providing robust, yet simple business security solutions,

said Sarah Vaughan, Director of Developer Experience and Evangelism, Microsoft