Why did we create Dekko?

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A number of people have asked us why we created Dekko, so here is the answer

Dekko was actually born out of frustration. Every day we were seeing more and more reports of serious cyber hacks having major commercial impact. Cyber-crime had become common place, and yet most of the businessmen and professionals we dealt with were either oblivious to the risks or sublimely confident that their IT staff had the problem well and truly under control. Admittedly those in the latter group also complained mightily about the added difficulty of day to day operation that the “solutions” were providing.

We could see all manner of complex cyber protection strategies being foisted on businesses when all that any business wanted was really quite simple. They wanted to know that they were dealing with who they thought they were dealing with, and that they could transfer information to them in privacy and confidence. They simply wanted “their business to be nobody else’s”!!.

The marketplace was becoming inundated with partial solutions, and the big players were making more and more outrageous “trust me” claims.

We think anyone deserves to be master of their own destiny and privacy. So we set out to design a system to deliver just that from the ground up. It had to be simple and non-disruptive to use and above all be really secure and give individual businesses complete control.

We knew to build such a system we needed three things: High level mathematical skills – encryption is not simple, a fully scalable infrastructure to build on and of course top flight design and engineering skills. Well we looked around and saw that in fact we had the skills in house and actually owned the right infrastructure.

So there you have it. We needed some small financial support from some true believers and we were off and running. Dekko was built totally in house and we own every line of code. It is simple, secure and we give all control to our clients. We have no way of seeing their data, so of course nor could the smartest hacker. For businesses, Dekko makes the internet work the way it should and in fact the way people used to think it did.