Ensure your Privacy

Dekko provides end-to-end security for your email, chat and document storage. It uses industry standard multi-level encryption based on private keys which are owned and managed by you. There are no back doors and setup is designed for business users, not IT.


  • Encryption where only YOU have the key
  • Access from any device, anywhere
  • No back doors or master keys
  • Backup includes 3 copies of data
  • Servers hosted in jurisdiction of your choice
  • On-premise option for larger organizations
  • For Business

  • No software installation, use immediately
  • No need to replace existing systems
  • Includes Outlook plugin
  • You choose your own domain / circle name
  • You invite others - not IT
  • No spam as your communications are not public
  • Simple message options: revoke, reminder and expiry
  • Trusted

  • Messages are always from a trusted source
  • You know who reads your message
  • What you read is what was sent
  • Option to watermark sensitive messages
  • Your password is critical - don't lose it. One option, you nominate another user to assist with recovery
  • How It Works

    Many people that we talked to think that their password protects their data, and when they share their messages and documents this data is only visible between the parties. Email and file sharing systems do not work that way - Dekko is the alternative that does.

    This illustration highlights the key security vulnerabilities that exist when sending a message or document to another party and describes the difference between normal email and Dekko. You can click on the objects to bring up the description and use the slider switch to show the Dekko solution.

    Normal Email
    with Dekko