Platform updates

April Platform Update

  • The ‘Upload allowed’ option for shared folder recipients has been updated so that they can not only upload files, but also create and upload folders.
  • When you share a folder with the ‘Is Admin’ option selected, that user becomes a fellow owner of the folder. This means that they will be able to share files/folders within that folder, access audit logs, rename files/folders, delete files/folders and make sharing permission adjustments:
  • Multiple improvements to DekkoSIGN:
    • Padding has been increase to make moving text, image and signature blocks around on touch screens easier
    • The padding outline has been changed to red to make blocks more easily identifiable on text-heavy documents
    • The time and date button for signatures has been split so that they can be inserted into documents separately
  • Audit logs in the tenancy management dashboard are now exportable as a .csv file for your records. Make sure you apply appropriate filters to produce more meaningful collections of data and to reduce file sizes and processing time:
  • Minor UI improvements have been made all over Dekko to make the overall experience better. This includes more intuitively named options and better menu organisation throughout.