Platform updates

July Platform Update

  • Dekko now has a dark mode! Press the switch in the top right corner of the interface enable it. Your preference will be remembered when you log out:
  • The public Circle can be disabled for a tenancy
  • Starting a DekkoCHAT with a user will retrieve previous messages
  • Approved PDFs will be processed faster and more efficiently to reduced final download sizes
  • Text added to PDFs is now a vector layer and will appear with a much higher quality
  • Approved PDFs can now be attached from DekkoVAULT to DekkoMAIL messages
  • DekkoCIRCLE invites will now appear in a dedicated invite menu:
  • A traffic visualiser is now active in the tenancy management dashboard. The visualiser can view traffic per tenancy, per Circle and per user, and has granular filtering from hourly to yearly usage.
  • The PDF sharing window has been updated:
  • PDFs can now be shared as view only:
  • The folder/file sharing window has been updated:
  • Folders and files shared with you with admin privileges will show an admin indicator:
  • After uploading a folder or file you will be asked if you want to share it:
  • After self signing a document you will be asked if you want to share it:
  • Size of folders is listed in the size column:
  • Enforced SMS registration invite confirmation via tenancy:

When users are invited they will receive an SMS with a registration code that they will need to enter upon account registration:

  • Session limits can be set via tenancy:
  • Compact view now shows DekkoCHAT in the navigation pane and DekkoCIRCLEs selection and menu access has been improved:
  • The shared files list in the tenancy manager now shows upload date