Platform updates

August Platform Update

  • Dekko now supports upload interrupt recovery. If you accidentally close the tab Dekko is open in, reload the page, or your internet connection drops out during an upload, the upload will be recovered.

If your Dekko tab is closed and reopened or the page is reloaded the system will ask you to select the file again from your local storage and then continue the upload. This will be done sequentially if you were uploading multiple files.

If your internet connection drops out the upload will continue when it is reestablished.

  • The Audit log now indicates when a file download is complete:
  • Handling of PDFs that are scanned and uploaded to Dekko for viewing and approval using DekkoSIGN has been improved to account for more combinations of page sizes, aspect ratios and page rotation.
  • We have ended support for Internet Explorer. Unfortunately due to its age and lack of support from Microsoft, IE cannot facilitate for the modern components and frameworks that Dekko relies on to function, and thus to ensure our users are getting the best experience we ask that Dekko is accessed using Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari.