About Dekko Secure

The founders of Dekko and everyone involved in building it to where it is today are passionate about data privacy. We believe that everyone has the right to privacy and this right should never stop at online communication.

Your business is nobody else’s.

Dekko is an innovative, simple and comprehensive set of solutions to one of the most pressing problems confronting both individuals and organisations small and large. Our aim is to provide the technology of choice for all parties interested in privacy, reliability and security of messaging and data sharing. Our goals for Dekko are as follows, but are not limited to:

It should provide comprehensive messaging without the possibility of interference, and with full visibility of transmission and delivery.

It should store and share data in any format with complete reliability and security.

It should be the automatic choice when mobile devices, often, of course, the most vulnerable link in at the chain, are being used to collect and distribute data.

It aims to be a replacement for the typical email/Dropbox combination by offering superior security and reliability with a far simpler interface. This can be either as a public or private service.

It should be intuitive to use for the inexperienced and expert alike, and require no retraining.

Dekko meets all of these.