Author: dekkosecure

May Platform Update

  • Folders can now be downloaded as a ZIP file. To do this select a folder and press ‘Download’, then the folder and it’s contents (including sub-folders) will be bundled and downloaded as a ZIP archive:
  • A stamp or seal can now be added to your profile. This can either be an image, or a drawn entry (for example, an initial):
  • Users set as shared folder admins can now move files and folders to folders they are a part-owner of. Previously only folder owners could do this.
  • Similarly to last month’s update, there has been significant optimisation work done on the backend of Dekko to make every action you do faster. This means uploading, sharing, messaging and making changes to DekkoCIRCLEs and profiles will all be even quicker than previously.

April Platform Update

  • The ‘Upload allowed’ option for shared folder recipients has been updated so that they can not only upload files, but also create and upload folders.
  • When you share a folder with the ‘Is Admin’ option selected, that user becomes a fellow owner of the folder. This means that they will be able to share files/folders within that folder, access audit logs, rename files/folders, delete files/folders and make sharing permission adjustments:
  • Multiple improvements to DekkoSIGN:
    • Padding has been increase to make moving text, image and signature blocks around on touch screens easier
    • The padding outline has been changed to red to make blocks more easily identifiable on text-heavy documents
    • The time and date button for signatures has been split so that they can be inserted into documents separately
  • Audit logs in the tenancy management dashboard are now exportable as a .csv file for your records. Make sure you apply appropriate filters to produce more meaningful collections of data and to reduce file sizes and processing time:
  • Minor UI improvements have been made all over Dekko to make the overall experience better. This includes more intuitively named options and better menu organisation throughout.

March Platform Update

  • Now when you share a document the system will tell you when the recipient has read it in the form of an initial next to the [shared] tag. When you hover your mouse over the [JS] tag for example, it will say ‘viewed by John Smith’. Files will also be marked when you have read them too.
  • There is now a back button so that when you’ve finished reading a document you can return back to the folder it was contained within. The same behaviour will now occur after you save an approved document.
  • On iPads documents are now scrollable so that you can move around in the document while zoomed in.
  • Azure Active Directory integration is now available on Dekko. This means that your organisation can leverage its existing identity and authorisation management system to create and sign in to Dekko accounts (and you won’t need to remember a new password!).