Controls and Compliance


Dekko is independently certified by Enex Carbon. Our claims test report can be provided upon request via our contact page.


Microsoft Azure

Dekko is hosted entirely on Microsoft Azure with the option of using our Australian or European instance and carries all of its storage certifications.

Other options

Dekko is incredibly flexible and can be configured to put your data wherever you need it; full cloud, on-premise, or hybrid. Please contact us with your requirements and we’ll work with you to deliver a solution that is both incredibly secure and perfectly tailored to your data requirements.

Enterprise-style Controls

Dekko has built-in tools that enable granular control over organisational workflow and security for your organisation. Some of these include:

  • Enforce 2FA
  • Enforce password length
  • Enforce previous file version retention times
  • Be automatically set as a trusted user for all users in tenancy CIRCLES for password reset
  • View data usage totals for CIRCLES
  • Enforce CIRCLEs branding and CIRCLES feature availability
  • CIRCLEs can be set so only VAULT is available, etc.
  • View the audit log for CIRCLES
  • View the invite log for CIRCLES
  • View all users contained within CIRCLES and delete accounts

Audit trail

Dekko’s security design uses the best balance of secrecy and traceability. The audit trail provides a who originated a message, who it was sent to, and who it was read by, without revealing the contents of the message itself. Message trails are uniquely identified and filtering means that finding the needle in a haystack is easy. The audit trail can be used to produce reports on:

  • DekkoCIRCLEs administration (invite/join/leave/password reset)
  • Message send, receive, read
  • File send, receive, view, download, update
  • DekkoSIGN activity