Alongside security, DekkoCIRCLES is an integral part of Dekko. DekkoCIRCLES is much more than simple group addressing. It is the perfect solution to managing internal and internal-external confidential communications.

DekkoCIRCLES are easy to set up and administrate without IT involvement. DekkoCIRCLES also protects critical information and content from misaddressing and accidental leaks – the system won’t even let you send messages and files to people that aren’t meant to receive them.

Content in DekkoCIRCLES is all signal; not noise.

The three Circle member types:

External circle members can only be seen by members who are Visible to External. They cannot see other external members. An example use case would be adding a customer to a circle where you do not want them to see other customers or employees.

Visible to External circle members can be seen by all other circle members regardless of type. An example use case would be using this type for an employee in circle that is visible to both customers and managers.

Invisible to External circle members can only be seen by non-external members. An example use case would be for a manager that can view discussion in a circle and be seen by employees, but not customers.

Circles at work:

dekko use cases (1)

Legal cases present a communication challenge where sensitive documents of varying sizes and formats need to  be passed between parties. It is essential that dialogue is managed securely to ensure that the right information is sent to and received by the right people. DekkoCIRCLES are a perfect application for managing information & visibility for different parties in a legal case. When you create or join a CIRCLE, you know that you have complete control over the visibility of your messages and that the Circle can’t be penetrated by untrusted parties.