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2FA Mobile apps

Before starting, you will need a supported 3rd party authenticator on your mobile device. Dekko officially supports Microsoft Authenticator but the 2FA mechanism utilises an open protocol which is available on a myriad of other options which will achieve the same functionality:


Microsoft Authenticator

Google Authenticator

andOTP (open source)


Microsoft Authenticator

Google Authenticator

Authenticator (open source)

Enabling 2FA

Press the settings button in the top right corner of the screen, then click on Profile/Account Settings.

In the profile settings window select the ‘Two-Factor Authentication’ tab and and then press ‘Enable 2FA’. A QR code will appear:

On your mobile open Microsoft Authenticator and press the ‘+’ button, then select ‘Other’:

Place the QR code on the Dekko interface within the viewer marked by the blue elements on the 2FA app; a code will be generated instantly.

If you have more than one phone you can scan the QR code on that device at this time.

This code will be refreshed every 30 seconds. If the code changes before you enter it in to Dekko, do not worry – you can enter the new one. Enter the code displayed and then press ‘Approve’:

Close the profile setting window. The next time you log in to Dekko you will be asked to enter your current 2FA code:

Managing 2FA

Disabling and Regenerating Your Code

To regenerate your 2FA code open profile settings and press ‘Regenerate code’, then follow the steps above.

To Disable 2FA, press ‘Disable 2FA’.


If You Get A New Phone

If you get a new phone it is a good idea to regenerate your 2FA code. Refer to the steps above to do this, and then delete the code on your old phone.

If You Lose Your Phone

If you misplace the mobile device that you use to authenticate your Dekko account you will need to contact Dekko support (info@dekkosecure.com) to disable 2FA on your account. If you are part of an organisation that has an elected account administrator with this ability, contact them directly.

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