First, make sure the right DekkoCIRCLE is selected.

To start a chat with an individual press the chat button next to their name in the contacts list:

The chat window will pop up. Type you message and press enter:


To start a group chat select DekkoCHAT and then press “New chat”:

Enter the group participants, write your message and then press “Send”:

If you are using DekkoVAULT or DekkoCHAT, group chat messages will pop up in the small chat window.

Chat export

DekkoCHAT threads can be exported as PDF files, and optionally, printed.

To export a DekkoCHAT thread, navigate to the thread and press the print button:

The resulting PDF will look like this:

The name(s) of the thread participant(s) will be listed at the top of the file.

To print a limited view of a thread simply select the pages you wish to print in the print dialog: