DekkoCIRCLEs (creating)

To begin, press the green create DekkoCIRCLE button in the top right corner of the page:

Give the DekkoCIRCLE a name. If you want to customise the branding, press “Advanced settings”. If not, press “Create circle”:

The branding menu lets you set:

  • Name
  • Tenancy location (see tenancy docs)
  • Logo/icon
  • Tab colours
  • Feature availability
  • Invite message
  • Notification message

Press “Browse” to set the DekkoCIRCLE logo/icon.

The invite message is what will be sent to non-users’ email inboxes when you invite them to Dekko. The notification message will be sent to user’s email inboxes when you send them a DekkoMAIL message.

DekkoCIRCLE branding can be adjusted at any time by pressing “Circle branding” on the tab drop-down: