Dekko Implementation

Dekko implementation can be done in with varying degrees of involvement on Dekko’s behalf, depending on your business needs and internal resources, or with no involvement at all.

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Implementing Dekko Web | Implementing Dekko Mail Gateway

Dekko Web

The most full-featured and simple way to implement Dekko is the Dekko web application, which can be even be done by users of low computer proficiency.


  1. Create a Dekko account if you don’t have one already.
  2. Create a Circle with your business name and logo, and adjust the invite message with any specific information pertinent to your users.
  3. Add your users to the Circle. For general internal communication, the “invisible to external” member type is recommended, and no non-employees should be added. For any internal-external communication or internal communication around specific topics, it is recommended that a separate circle is established containing the relevant parties, and member types are used were appropriate.

All non-business communication can be done in the “public” circle.

Dekko Mail Gateway

Dekko email can be used on mail clients like Outlook. Implementation of the mail gateway will depend on your business processes and policies, for example use of firewalls, anti virus, certificates, port allowances, etc., as well as on-premise installation on virtual machines.

A global gateway can be used to communicate using mail clients if on-premises is not required. Setup details can be found here.

Example Implementation – On Premise Dedicated Mail Gateway

  1. Create Dekko accounts for yourself and your users. The fastest way to add many users is to create a Circle for your business and use the mass invite tool.
  2. Establish VM for gateway and certificate installation.
  3. Grant VM access to Dekko personnel for GW installation and configuration.
  4. Adjust firewall rules to open https port from GW VM to
  5. Install certs on VM (optional).
  6. Configure Outlook(s) and point to on-premises GW.

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