A circle is a group of people you trust. It is an invitation-only club that you can invite or be invited into. When you get invited and join the circle, you can see your inviter and other circle members automatically. Circle members can invite other people into the circle as well, unless you as a circle administrator, barred them from doing so.

When you send a file or message within a circle, they cannot leak outside by accident. This builds ethical walls that prevent data and personal information leaks. When you receive a message in a circle, you can be assured that the message comes from a circle member. This means no spam, no scam, and no ransomware.


To create a circle, press the green + symbol in the top right corner of the page. This will open the new circle window.

Give the DekkoCIRCLE a name. For more options, press ‘Advanced settings’.

For a basic DekkoCIRCLE, just press ‘Create circle’ and you are ready to start inviting users.

There are many different things you can do to customise your DekkoCIRCLE. Use this interface to set branding, colours, invite and notification messages and feature availability – it can be accessed any time by pressing the DekkoCIRCLE dropdown, and then ‘Circle branding’.

Adding Circle Members

To invite a user to your DekkoCIRCLE press the orange plus symbol on it’s selector.

Enter the invitees name and email address. If they are already a user an invite will go to their DekkoMAIL inbox; if they are not a user, they will receive a registration invite and once their account is created, will be added immediately to the DekkoCIRCLE.

If you want to grant the invitee the ability to invite other users tick the box next to ‘Can invite people’. You will also need to set their user type (see below)

To finish press ‘Invite’, and the incite will be sent. You will be notified when they register and join the DekkoCIRCLE.

Registration links

You can also add new users to Dekko directly to your DekkoCIRCLE via links. This is done by opening the DekkoCIRCLE dropdown and then ‘Registration links’:

Ensure the ‘Disabled’ checkbox is unticked and then copy the link. You can send this link any way you choose (over email, etc.)

Like a regular invite, you will be notified when they register and join the DekkoCIRCLE.

Note that registration links are for new users only. Do not send registration links to people that already have a Dekko account.

If you want to invalidate old links that you no longer want to work, you can press ‘Refresh’ on each link.

DekkoCIRCLE user types

Circle member types are set is external, visible to external, or invisible to external; this should be considered carefully when adding members to a circle, and their attibutes after being added are as follows:

External circle members can only be seen by members who are Visible to External. They cannot see other external members. An example use case would be adding a customer to a circle where you do not want them to see other customers or employees.

Visible to External circle members can be seen by all other circle members regardless of type. An example use case would be using this type for an employee in circle that is visible to both customers and managers.

Invisible to External circle members can only be seen by non-external members. An example use case would be for a manager that can view discussion in a circle and be seen by employees, but not customers.