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Shared Folders


If you upload a file/folder in to a shared folder it will automatically be shared with everyone else that the parent folder is shared with. Ownership of the file/folder you upload will automatically be propagated to owners of the parent folder.

If a folder is shared with you it will be marked as “Shared with me”. If you have be given the privilege to, you can upload files/folders and create folders, and also manage them (delete, rename, move, etc.):

Click the name of the folder to open it, and you will be able to use the action buttons to upload and create files/folders:

Whatever you upload or create will be shared automatically.


You can upload new versions of shared files. This will replace current files, and old files will be placed in the version history. New versions of files are automatically shared with recipients of the current file.

To upload a new version of a file, press the menu button on the file and then “Upload”:

Select the new file and then press open. The new version of the file will be encrypted, uploaded and shared:

Owners of the original file can upload previous file versions. To access previous file versions press the menu button on the file and then “Logs:

To download previous file versions press “Download”: