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Uploading Files and folders

DekkoVAULT lets you store, manage and share files and folders online. There are no file size limits in DekkoVAULT.

First, select the DekkoCIRCLE into which you want to upload files or folders. If you are sharing in the Public DekkoCIRCLE then make sure it is selected.

Files/folders uploaded to DekkoVAULT are not automatically shared unless they are uploaded to a shared folder.

To upload a file or folder to DekkoVAULT, press the “Upload” or “Upload Folder” button.

Locate the file(s) or folder(s) on your computer and press “Open”. If you want to upload multiple files press the control key (Windows) or command key (MacOS) while selecting files.

Your files will automatically be encrypted during the upload procedure. When files and folders have finished being uploaded you will be prompted to share them:

To share, press ok (see sharing guide). To simply upload the file/folder for storage and sharing later, press cancel.

Managing files and folders


Select one or more files or folders Window and then press “Move”:

Select the folder you want to move the file(s) to and then press “Move”:


Be careful! Deleted files and folders are unrecoverable.††

Select one or more files/folders and then press “Delete”:

If you select files that are shared with you, these files will also be removed (but will still be available to the owner). To confirm deletion, press “Save”:

Note: if a file/folder has been shared with you and you have been given co-ownership of that content, it will be deleted for all recipients and owners.

If a file/folder is marked as [shared with me] and appears in the deletion confirmation section rather than the ‘stop sharing’ section, you will be deleting it for all parties.

Stop sharing with me

If you no long want files/folders shared with you, you can select them and press “Stop sharing”. The files will still exist on the owner’s account.


Select one or more files/folders and then press “Rename”:

Enter the new file/folder name(s), then press “Save”:


To download a file select one or many, and press “Download”:

To download a folder select it and press “Download”:

Folders will be zipped and then downloaded. Upon unzipping the file, the folder and its substructure can be read.

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