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Sending emails using Dekko | Sending emails using a mail client


Sending an email to multiple contacts

Select the circle you want to send your email in and then press “compose”, or If you have “All” selected, you can can choose the circle from the drop down box. Any email that isn’t sent in a circle is sent in the “Public” circle:

The “To” form will only let you send an email to contacts in the circle that is selected, so make sure you have the correct one selected before composing an email.

Sending an email to a single contact

The fastest way to start writing an email to a single contact is to select a circle and then pressing the mail symbol next to your contact’s name in the contacts widget:


  1. If you want to send an attachment from your Dekko Cloud with your email follow the steps in the sending Dekko Cloud files guide. Alternatively, you can press the regular attachment button and upload a file from your computer.
  2. When you have finished composing your email press the send button. If you aren’t ready to send your email or need to finish it at a later time there is no need to save it. Dekko automatically saves email composition progress and when you are ready to send the email or edit it, it will be sitting in your “Drafts” folder.InboxReadyToSend

Mail Clients

Sending emails using a mail client such as Outlook or Thunderbird works differently to in regards to circles. To send an email to a contact or multiple contacts in a circle, put their email address in the ‘To’ form with at the end of each address. Example: sending an email to in the “Aus Sales” circle would have the form Emails sent without a circle declaration will simply be sent in the “Public” circle.

Be careful not to send individual emails to contacts in different circles. If you are sending something for an audience in two different circles, consider setting up a new circle for a more specific audience.

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