Dekko mail looks and feels just like the email client that you are used to, but it much more powerful and much more secure.


First, ensure you have the right DekkoCIRCLE selected.

To compose a new DekkoMAIL message, press “Compose”:

Enter the recipients of the message. You can also add CC and BCC:

Enter a subject and message body:

To attach a file from you computer press the attachment button:

Select the file(s) to be attached. There are no file size limits. Files will be encrypted, uploaded and attached:

To attach files from DekkoVAULT, press the attach from DekkoVAULT button:

Select the files and then press “Select”:

DekkoVAULT files will then be attached.

To send, press “Send”:

Other features

You can see who has and has not read a DekkoMAIL message:

You can download DekkoMAIL message attachments and save them to your DekkoVAULT by pressing the appropriate buttons:

Mail export

DekkoMAIL threads can be exported as PDF files, and optionally, printed.

To export a MAIL thread navigate to the thread and press the print button:

The resulting PDF will look like this:

The subject of the thread will be listed at the top of the file.