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Sharing Files & Folders

After uploading files and folders to DekkoVAULT, you are free to share these with any of your contacts, inside the DekkoCIRCLE it is contained within.

Sharing from Dekko

Select the file or folder to share, then press “Share”:

Enter the recipients for the file/folder:

You can set privileges on an individual basis, with three different levels:

No privileges (Miles): Can view and download files shared with them

Upload allowed (Elena): Above privileges, and can also upload files/folders to the folder, create sub folders, and upload new versions of files.

Is Admin (Conor) – becomes a co-owner. Above privileges, and can also move, rename, re-share and delete files/folders.

If you would like to set an expiry on the share, press the date to set a day and time.

Press “Save” to complete the sharing process.

Sharing via link

After a file/folder is shared you can send the link to it via any channel you like. Links are safe because only those in the shared list for the file/folder are able to access it.

The link presented when you share a file or folder is a link to the file or folder, not a link to access it. Access to that file is set in the sharing menu and you must add recipients to the share list for them to be able to access it via the link.

To share via link, open the sharing menu by pressing “Share”:

You can copy the link:

OR you can start an email containing the link by pressing the mail icon:

A new message will be composed. The link will be in the contents, and the file/folder name will be set as the subject, which you change:

Review Access

You can adjust individual privileges and sharing expiry at any time, and also stop sharing completely. 

To do this, select the shared file or folder and then press “Share”, then make the required changes in the sharing menu, then press “Save” to apply changes.

To stop sharing of a file/folder completely, select it, and press “Stop sharing”:

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