Getting started

Didn’t get an invite?

To use Dekko, you need to register at Dekko’ registration page (Aus signup, global signup). That will take you just 15 seconds (depending how fast you type!). Use a strong password to protect your account and have your phone handy to set up two-factor authentication.

You will receive a confirmation message to your email inbox containing a link that you need to click to finalise the creation of your account.

Click the link in your inbox. If you can’t find it it might be in a secondary folder – like most platform invite messages, email systems often place Dekko invites in spam/notification/newsletter folders instead of your regular inbox.

The system will verify your email address and account, and then you can log in!

Adding contacts

To add a contact that is already using Dekko press ‘Add Contact’ on the contacts widget.

Enter the user’s email address. If you have entered an address that is an existing user, their name and activity status will appear.

Press ‘Add’ and they will be added to you contacts list.

Note: if someone adds you to a DekkoCIRCLE, all of the members visible to you will be automatically added to your contacts list

Adding a trusted user

Everything you do using Dekko is protected by your password. Dekko does not store your password and isn’t able to share it with anyone, which means if you lose your password you will no longer have access to any of your Dekko messages or files. The only way to recover a lost password is to add a trusted user – this can be a close friend or anybody you can trust with your information.

To add a trusted user click on them in your contacts list.

You will be directed to their section in your contacts. Tick the box next to ‘Trusted user’ to set them as your trusted user.

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