Tenancy Management

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When a tenancy manager role is granted by Dekko to a user in an organisation (typically in an IT management role), they have ‘superuser’ capability that can be used to manage an organisation’s users. More than one tenancy manager can exist.

Tenancy management has the following features:

  • Enforce 2FA
  • Enforce password length
  • Enforce previous file version retention times
  • Be automatically set as a trusted user for all users in tenancy CIRCLEs for password reset
  • Enforce SMS second factor for invites
  • Enforce attributes (Public sector customers only)
  • Disable the public CIRCLE
  • Set session expiry
  • View data usage totals for CIRCLEs
  • Enforce CIRCLEs branding and CIRCLEs feature availability
  • CIRCLEs can be set so only VAULT is available, etc.
  • View the audit log for CIRCLES
  • View the invite log for CIRCLES
  • View all users contained within CIRCLES and delete accounts

After your account has been granted tenancy management rights, the control panel is accessed by pressing the settings button in the top right corner of Dekko and then “tenancy management”.

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 2.10.09 pm

Two-Factor Authentication

The “2FA per user” panel shows which users in your tenancy have enabled 2FA. If you have added a user to your tenancy with enforced 2FA ON, but they have not yet logged in on their second device, they will remain marked as “2FA on mobile not enabled”.

If a user loses their device you can disable 2FA on an individual basis from this panel.

2FA per user

Authentication and General Settings

Password length

Dekko’s standard password length policy is minimum 8 characters with at least one upper case letter, one lower case letter, and a number. To extend this, enter the number of characters in the minimum password length box. Existing users passwords shorter than this setting will be forced to have a new password length the next time they change their password. For brand new users invited into a tenancy, your entered password length will be forced at the sign up stage:

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 2.36.50 pm

Enforced 2FA

Enforced 2FA ensures that every time a user in your tenancy logs in they will need to accept a second factor prompt on their mobile. After saving this setting users will not be able to log into the Dekko web app until they have logged into the Dekko mobile app. Unlike manually enabled 2FA, tenancy users are not able to disable 2FA.

Trusted tenant

Because of Dekko’s security design we cannot reset passwords should they be forgotten. As this can be a challenge in large organisations, a tenancy manager(s) can be set as the ‘trusted user’. To reset a user’s password go their profile in your contacts and then press the “Change password” button.

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 2.48.09 pm

SMS second factor invites

When enabled, invites sent from CIRCLES in the tenancy will additionally require the mobile number of the invitee. A code will be sent to this user, and is required during the registration process.

Disable public CIRCLE

If the public CIRCLE is not aligned with your business processes, it can be disabled for all users in the tenancy.

Session expiry

Session expiry is reached when users do not interact with the Dekko interface (ie, uploading files, sending messages, navigating between CIRCLEs, etc.). By default this is set at 120 minutes.

File retention

When a file or files are shared on DekkoVAULT, upload access can be granted to a recipient for collaboration. Previous versions of files are retained for the amount of time set in the tenancy management panel (from the time of upload). Previous file version will contribute to data usage on the file owner’s account. Depending on your organisation’s industry and types of files being shared on Dekko, file retention can have regulatory implications, so ensure that the relevant rules in your jurisdiction are adhered to.

If nothing is set in this menu then files will be retained indefinitely.

CIRCLES Branding


CIRCLES branding pertaining to colours can be enforced in tenancy management. This will be carried across all of the CIRCLES contained within a tenancy, and individual CIRCLE invite messages and iconography can be set separately in each CIRCLE branding menu.

Available features

For different workflows and business process requirements features in CIRCLES can be disabled in Dekko. At any time these can be re-enabled, and for individual CIRCLES you can also set feature availability in the branding menu.

global branding


The complete audit log for each CIRCLE in a tenancy can be viewed from the tenancy management panel. To view a log, select the CIRCLE, enter a time and date range to view and then press the “Load” button.

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The invites panel shows all of the invites sent by admins in tenancy CIRCLEs, including who the invite was sent to, their name, CIRCLE, type granted and privilege granted.

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 3.25.50 pm

Shared Files

The shared files panel shows all of the files shared within CIRCLES, including the file owner, CIRCLE, expiry date and time, recipients, and which recipients have upload access.

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