Dekko isn’t being displayed/loaded as expected.

As a complex web application, Dekko relies on modern frameworks that are only supported by modern browsers. For the experience use Chromium based web browsers (Chrome, Edge, Opera, etc.), Safari or Firefox and check that they are up to date. This will not only improve your overall web browsing experience but also good security hygiene. It is not possible to provide support for Internet Explorer.

I can’t see the Dekko invite message in my email inbox.

Like most platform invite messages, email systems often place Dekko invites in spam/notification/newsletter folders instead of your regular inbox. Check all other folders before asking for your invite to be resent or looking for alternative invite methods.

I’ve forgotten my password and didn’t set a trusted user.

Unfortunately if no trusted user is set it is impossible to recover your account. If your organisation has an internal IT support team there is a high probability that a trusted user was set automatically when your account was created. Please contact a support team member to request a password reset.

My login credentials don’t work and I am sure they are correct.

Your log in was either created on or which are two completely separate systems, meaning a log in created on will not work on and vice versa. Ensure you are on the correct site before trying to log in. An easy way to avoid going to the wrong site is to book mark the appropriate one.

I can’t see my files, messages or contacts.

Files, message and contacts sit within Circles and will not be visible unless the correct Circle is selected. Ensure the correct Circle is selected before trying to upload and share files or send messages.

I sent someone a link to a folder/file but the recipient sees an ‘Access denied’ message.

To guarantee safe link sharing on Dekko you must add the link recipient to the shared users list for the folder/file before they try to access it via a link. For more information on sharing, please visit the DekkoVAULT documentation page.

I uploaded a folder/file to a shared folder but the folder owner can’t see it.

Ensure you are located in the shared folder before uploading folders/files to shared locations. If you are not located in the right place before uploading, only you will be able to see the folder/file (or the wrong people might see you folder/files!).