Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dekko?

Dekko is a secure, cloud-based communication platform providing file storage with powerful sharing capability, document approval and messaging. Running on Microsoft Azure, it is appropriate for both consumers and B2B/B2C. It is free from spam and phishing, prevents leaks and misaddressing, has fully verified send and receive, an audit trail and user and group based security policies. Dekko runs in a web browser and also has an Android & iOS app, as well as a mail gateway for mail clients such as Outlook.

How is my communication and data secured?

Dekko uses end-to-end encryption for all items in transit, at rest and at work. Unlike other common communication platforms, we do not hold the keys to your data. Encryption is individual-based meaning that data passing through the network cannot be decrypted using information on the servers. The encryption and decryption process can only occur on the user’s device, and this is why no one else – including advertisers, hackers, or even Dekko’s creators or Microsoft Azure administrators – can see your data. It is impossible to hijack a Dekko account and pretend to be someone that you are not without knowing the user’s password, and even then you can be protected by optional two-factor authentication.

How is Dekko different to other communication platforms?

Dekko is designed as a business-oriented solution, that provides secure file sharing, secure document approval, secure mail and secure chat as a single platform. End-to-end encryption means even Dekko can never read your data, and we don’t want to. Dekko relies on engineering solutions to provide privacy – not anonymity or secrecy. Dekko combines the security of popular privacy tools and the functionality of commonly used sharing tools in a package that is easy to implement, use and manage, providing a solution that is suitable for highly sensitive communication, content sharing and document approval.

Security is also managed completely transparently to users and administrators. Dekko automatically handles all key management during registration and sharing and user are never required to opt in to security, nor are they able to opt out. Sharing securely on Dekko is very straightforward – users simply log in and send a message or file and no steps are required to secure any content.

Does Dekko work with my current email/messaging/storage system?

Conventional email by design is not secure, and no existing communication provider can guarantee a business-oriented, fully secure communication solution, nor can any internal IT efforts like gateways, antivirus or firewalls. The only way to ensure the security and integrity of communication and data storage is for all parties to be on a common platform, and for this reason Dekko works in parallel to your regular email or other communication channels. DekkoMAIL can be used in Outlook or any mail client with Dekko’s secure Mail Gateway.

Does Dekko help me comply with the Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) scheme, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or other regulations?

Dekko is not a solve-all product but is a very powerful tool for ensuring that you and your client’s data is safe. Our design means that your data is of no interest to attackers because the only information that could be obtained by an unintended party is encrypted, and therefore useless. Built-in features such as verified identities, leak/misaddressing protection and audit trail assist in satisfying regulators that your cybersecurity efforts are more than adequate when using Dekko. Dekko can also be hosted in many different locations worldwide for compliance purposes and carries all of the certifications that come with being on Microsoft Azure. Dekko can also store your files on-premise.