Complex security as a simple solution:

Files, emails and chat messages sent using Dekko are secured using military grade encryption and are digitally signed. All of this is done transparently to users meaning there is never the requirement to opt in to security, or the opportunity to opt out. Your organisation can be confident that its communications and data are always safe – just log in and start working securely today.

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Unlimited size file sharing and storage on Dekko is uniquely powerful and absolutely secure. Files shared on Dekko can only be opened by intended recipients – this means you share files; not passwords. Advanced sharing features align with your existing work processes.

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Need to send sensitive documents for review, approval and sign off? With DekkoSIGN you can share documents securely in a view-only format from DekkoVAULT with one or multiple parties with complete peace of mind that no one other than an intended recipient can view or interact with it.

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DekkoMAIL is email as you know it, but more secure than anything that precedes it. No spam, no phishing, no leaks and no breaches, with business-critical features.

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Dekko chat brings ultimate security to your instant messaging.

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DekkoCIRCLES are much more than simple group addressing; trusted parties are nominated and certain information can only be seen by the right people.

Learn more about DekkoCIRCLES here