The Dekko advantage


Dekko’s streamlined, user-friendly platform offers numerous advantages: 

  • use of nominated email address and mail server (e.g. Outlook) for communications
  • use of email address as user ID
  • secure end-to-end email encryption 
  • unlimited attachment size
  • encrypted document storage
  • encrypted search and chat functions
  • real time delivery notification 
  • mobile applications

Dekko protects users from:

  • phishing
  • ransomware
  • hacking
  • sending messages to erroneous parties
  • key management
  • physical network concerns 
  • third party trust  

Built for business

Unlike other solutions that focus more on anonymity for privacy, Dekko is designed for business. During day-to-day business operations, confidence that discussion and documents remain private and within a trusted group of colleagues is paramount. In order to offer this confidence, Dekko has created ‘circles’. A circle is an invitation-only club that users can invite or be invited to. All members of the circle are visible in a shared address book, along with their online status.

One circle member is nominated as administrator who sends initial group invitations, but following that any user can be also be given administration capabilities. This function is simple, easy to use and purposefully designed for business users.

Larger organisations may prefer to host solution in their private cloud or on the premises. Dekko supports this option and will advise hardware requirements, assist with Dekko software setup and provide customised ongoing support.

For software vendors interested in incorporating Dekko into their existing products, an API published in the form of a web service will allow other applications to store data using Dekko’s encryption technology. Dekko’s web services clients exist in JavaScript and .NET.


Dekko’s key benefit is that data passing through the network cannot be decrypted using information on the servers - even Dekko’s creators and administrators of data centres and servers cannot see users’ data. The encryption and decryption process can only occur on the user’s device.

Dekko uses recognised, efficient and proven encryption techniques, including AES and ECC.  Dekko uses ECC for encrypting keys and signing all data. Dekko does not use Dual_EC_DRBG, thus eliminating a weak point in the standard ECC design.