Dekko reduces the risk and impact of data leaks and human weakness in organisational communication. End-to-end encryption and an audit-logged workflow removes the risks associated with sharing and approving sensitive documents online.


Isolate and discuss projects
Control visibility
Stop misaddressing


Share files with no size limits
Share documents for approval
Granular permissions


Data sovereignty
Audit capability


End-to-end encryption
Two-factor authentication
Completely user-transparent

Dekko is a web-based platform that relies on engineering solutions to provide privacy and security – not anonymity, secrecy, or private cloud infrastructure. Dekko is easy to use, easy to implement and easy to manage.

90% of all data breaches today are a result of malicious attack and human error.



Human weakness, malicious attack and insider threat are the leading causes of data loss or leaks for organisations today.  The costs associated with these events can be catastrophic, or in the best case cause major disruptions to workflow and business efficiency. For organisations, this often means lost time money and very often reputation and brand damage.

The Dekko platform tools





Dekko enables you to navigate:

Threat of intruders
Accidental misaddressing
Untrusted networks
Lack of communication control
Protecting your brand reputation
Information privacy

Getting started with Dekko is easy:

Add a project

Add people

Add data

Start working

Dekko is independently certified by Enex Carbon. Our claims test report can be downloaded here.

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