90% of all data breaches today are a result of malicious attack and human error.

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Dekko secures your data using end-to-end encryption. When encryption is used, a breach is deemed a secure breach. Only 4% of all breaches are deemed “secure breaches” where the compromised data is rendered useless. Dekko ensures your communications and data are secure whilst at work, in transit and at rest.

Dekko enables modern workflows without modern risks.

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Dekko is a web browser based platform that relies on engineering solutions to provide privacy and security – not anonymity, secrecy, or private cloud infrastructure. Dekko is easy to use, easy to implement and easy to manage with little or no IT involvement.

Dekko isn’t for everybody, but if your organisation is concerned about any of the following then it might just be the solution you’ve been looking for:

Threat of intruders

Accidental misaddressing

Untrusted networks

Lack of communication control

Protecting your brand reputation

Information privacy

Getting started with Dekko is easy:

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