Dekko brings real secure communication to business and government. An intuitive interface and powerful sharing that protects both you and your clients. Dekko relies on engineering solutions to provide privacy – not anonymity, secrecy, or private cloud infrastructure. Dekko runs in a web browser, has no installation requirements and is easy to implement and manage with little or no IT requirement.


Dekko puts everything in one place: DekkoVAULT, DekkoCHAT and DekkoMAIL, with ultimate control to provide the best secure communication solution. We've built in all of the essential controls required for handling channels of all types.

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  • Compliance is easy with Dekko. We run on Microsoft Azure, are independently certified and offer a range of features and hosting options that ensure regulators are satisfied.

  • Dekko has tight user control built in that easy to manage, letting you enforce rules, set custom branding, track usage and view audit logs.

  • End to end encryption and digital signatures means no one other than you and an intended recipient can ever read your most sensitive content.